Otona Nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakarane! cover
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Otona Nya Koi no Shikata ga Wakarane!

/ 大人にゃ恋の仕方がわからねぇ!

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Until my early twenties, I felt like I was breathing in naturally. Mio is 30 years old who has been having sex for 5 years. A work woman who has forgotten love. At that time, Majima, a high-speech man I met at a joint party, is a super unpleasant guy! ―― «Tuna-kun who has never made a woman squid!» Mio made a provocative remark to Majima and the situation went in an unexpected direction … If you noticed, the two of you went into a love hotel! ?? ――Majima says, «It’s strange … I can’t afford it at all,» and distorts his neat face into pleasure. Ah … I wasn’t a popular man who wasn’t interested in women !? A strange and funny rehabilitation story of two people who haven’t been hiding! * This work was published in the e-book «Sex, I’m graduating. Volumes 1-6» in the past. Please be careful about duplicate purchases.


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