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Aki Sora In a Dream

Aki Sora: In a Dream - Aki Sora: Yume no Naka - 아키소라 ~꿈속~ - あきそら~ - 夢の中~秋日天空~ - 在梦中~秋色之空~在梦中~

Aki and Sora’s relationship continues to grow stronger and stronger. However, Nami and Kana are also revealing their emotions and inner desires that continue to complicate Sora’s life.


Aki, an excellent sister with excellent grades, versatile sports, talent and perfection
«Sora», a younger brother who is reluctant to withdraw
At first Sora, who had longed for Aki as her sister, began to have more emotions …
One day, Aki and Sora decided to take a bath together, and they crossed the line.
Although Sora is confused about her physical relationship with Aki, she leaves herself unwilling to know what is «don’t do» while leaving herself to the invitation from Aki.
On the other hand, Sora’s twin sister, Nami, has a manly personality. However, he feels more than friendship for his best friend, Kana. Kana is worried about Sora … The end of unforgiving love that accelerates!


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