Sazanami Souji ni Junketsu wo Sasagu cover
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Sazanami Souji ni Junketsu wo Sasagu

«If it’s my dear wife’s wish…
I will dedicate this whole body to you.»

He who exposes beautiful tattoos and pours love…
I thought it was just a one night dream…

Nagisa, a shy office worker, meets a mysterious yakuza, Ren, on her travels.

She was asked to «pretend to be her wife»,
She’s only for one night… and she takes his hand.

She is a gentleman who treats herself like a treasure,
Nagisa makes a decision…

The bare affection that he shows as a gentleman.
If she is violently but gently embraced and melted…!

Super glossy yakuza x virgin office lady with zero self-confidence!
Dramatic Love Doting!


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