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Shoujo kara Shoujo e

Shoujo kara Shoujo e... 少女から娼女へ... From Little Girls to Slutty Women... 소녀에서 창녀로

Product introduction
Fiddler crab, fit younger! Includes 2 short stories

A feast for girls who are sexually friendly.
Super erotic younger devils gather.
Includes «Prostitute News» and «Harahara with Materials». Her uncles in their thirties are invited by JK and attacked by JC.
Men are unrivaled in youth and eroticism.

[Recorded work]
Whore communication … I was blamed for being squeezed by her «daughter» in my first love, which I met for the first time in 15 years.
JK, who wants to be an erotic manga artist, gives his classmates raw materials of Ji-ko in order to pursue realism.

Based on the erotic manga by Shiomaneki.


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