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Nariyuki Papakatsu Girls!!

Nariyuki: Papakatsu Girls!! The Animation なりゆき→パパ活GIRLS!! THE ANIMATION 나리유키:파파카츠 걸즈!! 나리유키:파파카츠 걸즈!!

Chihiro is a female college student wasting away working at a hamburger shop after school. She complains to her friend Eri that sex with her boyfriend is just not that great and that taking care of things herself always feels better. Eri tells her that she should come with her as she does «Compensated Dating» and she can see what real sex is like!

Things have progressed…quickly with Chihiro and Eri. The man that paid them for sex has turned into their sugar daddy and is taking them on wild and crazy adventures, all streamed live to thousands of viewers! Masturbation inside of a space station… Yuri and double penetration in the middle of a football stadium filled with people…is there no end to this guy’s money?


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