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RabuTora: Love Triangle The Motion Anime

ラブトラ!-Love Triangle-

Two cute girls in my class are fighting over me…! ?

«I’m curious about the continuation of the anime, so can I stop by your house?»

Due to such circumstances, Yuri and Mana decided to come to Yusuke’s house after school.
While spending time in the room, Mana likes Yusuke and suddenly approaches him…!
When Yuri finds out about it, she asks Yusuke what he really means, and it turns into a love triangle! ?

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▼ Heroine

Yuri Higashihara

A girl and classmate who Yusuke once confessed to and was dumped.
She was raised in a wealthy and austere family, so she somehow reflects her good upbringing.
She acts like a gal when she’s with Mana because her house is strict, but she also has a competitive side.

Mana Kishishita

Yuri’s best friend in the class next to her.
She looks like she doesn’t have much interest in things, but she takes a proactive stance when it comes to things she cares about and things she likes.
She is the type of girl who values her intuition above all else.


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