Secret Mission Sennyuu Sousakan wa Zettai ni Makenai! cover
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Secret Mission Sennyuu Sousakan wa Zettai ni Makenai!


Secret Mission – An undercover investigator will never lose! ~
An undercover investigator doesn’t give in to pleasure…! Matori’s Riko Raito is infiltrating an apartment that is a hideout for a criminal organization with her junior Noma. The two pretended to be a newlywed couple, but the culprit became suspicious because there was no sound of their night life. Then, in order to make her think that they are a loving couple, Noma starts touching Riko’s body…!? «Senpai, this is also my job! Please moan…!» Then, Riko is subjected to various undercover investigations, humiliating and pleasuring her. Even as he endures, he dedicates himself to justice.
Gyoen raw mei tongue jun
Animation production: Rabbit Gate
Production year: 2023


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