S-ka ni Totsuida M Jou no Nichijou cover
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S-ka ni Totsuida M Jou no Nichijou


On a snowy night, Master approaches Mary, who sits alone in the back alley, and speaks to her. She was then taken to a tent where men and women were engaging in a big gangbang with ecstatic expressions.

Mary, who was found on the streets by the famous doctor Salvator, entered this world of pleasure…

The fetish of S&M gets time in the spotlight as the first episode of the sex-filled S-ka ni Totsuida M Jou no Nichijou will contain plenty such shenanigans, hopefully entertaining watchers that require more than just the usual vanilla antics in order to be stimulated.

The PV for the first episode doesn’t tease a whole lot, though it might stir discussion regarding the rather unique artstyle and coloring:


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