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Otokonoko Delivery

otodeli - Otokonoko Delivery - おと♂デリ - オトコのコ♂デリバリー - 남자의 코 ♂ 배달

A salaried worker on a long business trip to Tokyo finds a flyer for a special delivery service. Quickly contacting them he orders their special and within a short while they show up at his door…

«Flat chest… feminine features… and a bulge in their pants!? Wait its a boy?!»

Work content
« Nemunem » character draft sweeping the male daughter industry,
Character design such as «Natsuya Sumi.»
Mr. Yoshiten, who worked, sent the two strongest tags
State-of-the-art original doujinshi daughter animation «Otoko’s co-delivery»

How about a male daughter to accompany tonight?
Play as you wish!

Enjoy the feel of a man’s daughter …

We will help you with the best night, which is more comfortable than melting!

A story that starts at your fingertips «Man’s Co-delivery»

Character draft: Nemunem
Character design / Director: Yoshiten
Produced by zealot

Recording time: about 20 minutes


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