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Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen

Dark Hour Academy - Dark Hour Academy: Fertilization Arc - Meikoku Gakuen Jutai Hen - 冥刻學園 受胎編 - 명계학원 수태편

Jingu Gakuen, a girls’ school in Jingu City, a certain city.
It was a famous girls’school that only top-notch girls attend.
«It’s been a long time, Mr. Asada»

Makoto Asada, the hero who is not here in her heart, reunites with the school principal, Shizue Nijo, who is also her longing teacher.

She is asked to work as a teacher at this school, and she continues to tell him that she is cheering on her joy.
She said, «I have something I want you to do apart from your normal work.

…… But it’s better to actually experience it than to say it. «
After all, I did not know the details of her request, and the hero’s teacher life began with a mystery.

She met various girls and it seemed that she would continue her peaceful school life with them.

However, one day the situation suddenly changes.
The usual serious chairman and girls in the class suddenly estrus, overwhelming her hero and wanting sexual intercourse.

Although she temporarily left herself to associate with her students, the hero who returned to me succeeds in escaping after seeing a chance.
Then, the school principal’s «request» is revealed.

«The only way to save them is to have sex with them and send semen into the womb, and only you can do that …!»


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