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Mashou no Nie 3

Mashou no Nie 3 - 魔将の贄3 - Offering of Demon Commander 3 - 마왕의 제물 3

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Deceive, rob, invade

The body of the royal family is mercilessly teased …

The master of the hentai world, the genius «Murakami Teruaki» deals with it.
In the original, the first OVA version of «Masho no Sho 3» from Liquid, which has worked on many humiliation games and is extremely popular!
A revenge drama in which the pirate’s resentment, which died with a grudge 300 years ago, revives and retaliates against the descendants of the navigator who betrayed himself.

[First edition video benefits]
● Cast exchange «Iris ⇔ Mireille ver.» Video scene recording
A great pirate, Vanclad, who was feared to be called the «Pirate King».
At the end, the betrayal of his subordinates caused him to die on an isolated island.
Due to his unfulfilled ambitions and hatred of traitors, he became a grudge and wandered around the isolated island.
300 years later–
Vanclad, who invaded the kingdom on behalf of the newly acquired physical owner, Klaus, decided to defeat Olivia, who is said to be the strongest of the three pirates, as a Navy officer.
However, it was just the beginning of a revenge drama, and its tip was directed to the royal family of Iris and Mireille.


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