Kunoichi 2 Fall of the Shrinemaiden Uncensored cover
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Kunoichi 2 Fall of the Shrinemaiden Uncensored

The demonic invasion continues to wreak havoc on the city. The once mighty kunoichi Kasumi is nowhere to be found, and with Hayabusa village reduced to rubble it falls to the Dragon Shrine maiden to claim vengeance for her clan. As Ryu pursues the dragon statue across the world, and Tokyo festering away under demonic influence, Momiji has no choice but to enter the hellish cityscape and brave the increasingly violent demonic power sleeping within.

The sequel to the popular Kunoichi 3D hentai animation! Now featuring 60% more demon dicks!

A new chapter in the dark tragedy of the Kunoichi saga unfolds as a cast of insatiable demons, perverse fiends and hapless citizens collide in the regent’s grand scheme to bring Tokyo to its knees!

At long last, the infamous Studio Fow returns now with sequel to the acclaimed Kunoichi 1, starring the gentle yet deadly shrine maiden Momiji. Can you bear to wtch now, as the purest of heroines battles her innocence before your very eyes?

Four relentless scenes take this blessed flower beyond the limit of her sanity by the makers of «KUNOICHI: BROKEN PRINCESS», «BIOSHAG» and «LARA IN TROUBLE»


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