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Kininaru Kimochi

Kininaru Kimochi - 망상 엘리베이터 - キニナルキモチ

knock Knock. Kacha…
«Excuse me.»
Rikako Sawada greeted me by opening the door of one of the buildings.
«I’m Rikako Sawada from the interview with your company.»
«Oh… Mr. Sawada. I’ve been waiting.»
The manager who responded to her slowly approached her.
«Then, what kind of uniform can you change into immediately?»
«this is?»
The elevator girl’s uniform is in the hands of the manager…
«Our policy is that we won’t use this uniform unless it suits us.»

“Welcome everyone. Our club girl today is this girl.”
The manager spoke to them as many men were waiting in a dark room.
«She is an ordinary girl who was tricked by fake ads.»

«If you like it, please enter and wait on each floor.»
The waiting men stare at the monitor as if they are eating.

«I will participate.»
«Me too.»
Pon… Pon… Buttons that are pushed one after another.

«The game is about to begin.»

«I was fooled by something like this…
Gatan! An elevator that suddenly starts moving! Rikako is confused.
«That? It started moving…»

Rikako is agitated by a man who opens the door and gets in.
«What should I do, people have boarded!»

The manager’s announcement echoed.
«Mr. Sawada passed the interview. Please do your best at your work.»

A man suddenly attacks Rikako, who is confused because the meaning of the announcement is unknown!
«No… no! What are you doing!?»
Rikako struggles to escape, feeling the breath of a rough man up close.
«Oh… ohh. Finally longing for Elega and Yaleru!»
«Ah! No, no!»

«Wow, why don’t you open it? Someone can help me.»


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