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Kagirohi Shaku Kei – Another

Kagirohi: Shaku Kei - Another - かぎろひ~勺景~ Another - 아지랑이: Shaku Kei - Another

There’s a small village in the valley. A girl there hangs to death inside an old school building. Her name is Kirishima Kaede. Before the incident, she confides in her childhood friend, Takahashi Aoi. She opens her heart to him. Her pouting face remains in Aoi’s memory—as do her laughter and the things they did, bodies pressed against one another. Aoi remembers something that rouses his suspicions. Aoi deeply believes that someone killed Kaede, and he leaps into action. One day, when Aoi is pondering his thoughts alone in a classroom, the mysterious transfer student, Minazuki Ajisai, calls out to him…

Takahashi Aoi lost his childhood friend, Kirishima Kaede. To find out the truth of her death, Aoi gets to know the mysterious transfer student, Minazuki Ajisai. Every time he meets with Ajisai, they have sex. Aoi tells himself that he’s doing it for Kaede’s sake. Ajisai removes the stockings that obscured her genitals then beckons to Aoi. Elsewhere, Aoi’s close friend Mizuki is having sex with a guy in a secluded school building.

Mizuki says, “If you don’t fuck me hard, I’m going to tell Ajisai.”

Mizuki usually seems like an innocent girl, but in that classroom, she lets her true, lascivious nature show. Does she have a secret motive…?

She says, “It looks like something terrible is going to happen… Doesn’t really matter to me though!♪”

In his investigation into the murder of Kirishima Kaede, Aoi visits the shrine where Nezu Sumire, an influential figure in the village, lives. Sumire smiles and invites Aoi in for tea. Aoi passes out. When he comes to, he finds himself growing hard as Sumire licks his cock. Sumire’s normally-elegant demeanor disappears, and her hips move with carnal desire. She straddles Aoi and asks for his child. But there’s something unnerving in her gaze. She looks at Aoi with an eery, distorted smile. Sumire tells Aoi about the relationship she had with his father,

Kaede: “Senpai, do you get lonely when you’re by yourself?”

Aoi remembers… One evening he and Kaede were walking home together, calm and carefree. Kaede talks about her dark past and cries. What did she want to tell him…

Aoi is drugged, and his body won’t listen to him. Sumire smiles fearlessly as she tells him the truth about the accident that befell his family. She also tells him about the strange festival their village celebrates.

“I told her what I wanted… I wanted you, Aoi-san.”

At the hectic banquet, one of the girls takes furtive actions for her own ambitions. With her madness, the tragedy begins to unfold. This will all be over soon.


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