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Issho ni H Shiyo!

Faisons l`amour ensemble Issho ni H Shiyo! Isshoni H Shiyo! 一緒にHしよっ 함께 H하자

Miyazawa Akina Chapter: The energetic Miyazawa Akina is a member of a softball team. She becomes drunk during the post-game celebrations, hops onto a train, and arrives at the house of her childhood friend.

Takai Haruka Chapter: Takai Haruka is an obedient girl whose long hair really suits her. Today is the first day that she is visiting the house of her boyfriend, a senior at school.

Tsuji Suzuran Chapter: Tsuji Suzuran, from the Worldwide Maid Organization, completely messed up her assigned household chores. To compensate, she uses her body to satisfy her employer.

Yui & Aoi Chapter: One night, the protaganist’s sister-in-law, Hamada Yui, returns home bringing along her friend Fukunaga Aoi. The two are drunk and create such a fuss that the protaganist is unable to study. He goes to complain to them, but they have other plans…

Futaba Yuuki Chapter: Yuuki decides to pay a visit to her step brother. He left home five years ago and hasn’t been in contact with the family since then. Yuuki is worried that maybe some woman has been deceiving him, or worse!

Natsukawa Hina’s Arc: You dream of being a farmer. So maybe your cousin on the farm can help.


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