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Harem Cult


1st Story
Our mc ,Tatsumi, was sexually harassed by the girls from photography club. After being bullied he met Hatorijima, a girl who wants to take a revenge upon photography club. He got invited to her house and saw the president of photography club are all tied up.

2nd Story
Kanade Akahori is the leader of athletics club, she’s known of her reputation defending the champion title. But there was a rumour about she’s doing obscene activity in the club room. Tatsumi and Hatorijima are working together to expose her secret.

3rd Story
Hatorijima despises Mashiro Ringo, a teacher and a informant that has control of student council, however, she knew that Mashiro is involved with dirty organization, she send Tatsumi to subdue the lewd teacher.

4th Story
Hatorijima and Tatsumi got kidnapped by the group of delinquents. When Hatorijima was asked about her true intentions, she plainly answer «I don’t like them». Then they offered one-on-one matchup between the leader to see who’s better.


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