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Haji+ Shinchishin

ハヂ+ ~羞チ心~

Daiki, a perverted teacher who loves to see pretty girls embarrassed. Daiki has enjoyed watching her childhood friend Hina bear her embarrassment by tying her up, playing with her, and doing all sorts of things with her. He was looking for new ideas to take advantage of his recent heat and his own position. Mina Shijo, a beautiful girl who stands as a candidate for said metamorphosis. Mina, the daughter of an old family, is a cheerful and good-natured girl who gets along with everyone. But she is also a repentant girl who falls short of decency and who gets into what she shouldn’t without thinking twice.Plan a situation where she can’t say no, to force her to become a test subject as soon as possible, which is exactly what Daiki needs…
– Women’s Academy Orchis was founded in the Edo period by the respected Higashizuma family. Despite the fact that co-education has been practiced in recent years, the Academy has not lost its prestige among the females. However, for some time now there have been rumors about a certain “Nishikiya Family”, which secretly raises the best sex slaves for respected politicians and various aristocrats, right on the territory of the educational …


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