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Garden: Takamine-ke no Nirinka The Animation

Garden~高嶺家の二輪花~ THE ANIMATION

Pink pineapple Studio has announced the release of the hentai anime “Garden-Takamine Family Two-Wheel Flower-THE ANIMATION” based on the manga of the same name by Kuronomiki. The release is scheduled for the end of February 2022. Ayame and Sayuri are super sexy beauty sisters who are very popular at the academy. The main character of hentai has long wanted to make one of the sisters his sex slave. One day, the parents of the main …
Tomo-kun’s parents had to go abroad with unknown reason. He got adopted by Takamine family, his distant relatives. He grew more mature as time passed. Tomo-kun had to endure his dirty thought everyday about lewding Takamine’s household members. Takamine Kasumi is a hot milf. She have two beautiful and sexy daughters, their name is Ayumi and Sayuri. Ayumi is eccentric girl who loves wearing a swimsuit under her clothes while Sayuri is a kinda strict and serious but is a very loving girl. Fighting his dirty thought was the hardest thing. One day Kasumi had to go to a business trip. She asked Tomo to prepare her clothes including her underwear then invited him to drink a beer. Tomo finally reached the state where he can no longer able to endure it anymore.


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