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Ero Konbini Tenchou

Ero Konbini Tenchou - エロコンビニ店長 - 에로 편의점 점장

Cheeky and Outrageously Delusional Girl Miki: I Never Make Mistakes.

Yoshihiro is sent to one of the partner shops that has changed managers three times already as immediate help. He tries to be manager-like and offers to help Miki, a high school student, who works there. As opposed to the bitch Yui and slutty Shiori, Miki is a bit more of an adult. “Can you even do your job properly,” she says as she looks down at Yoshihiro even though she’s only been at the job for half a year. His sensors go off and his punishment stick reacts. “Your dirty stares and using training as an excuse to touch me is sexual harassment and I’ve reported you to the head office.” Yoshihiro says she’s being overly conscious and that his sexual harassment is on a whole other level. He uses his punishment stick to ravage her limbs that are defenseless…

Yoshihiro is thrilled that he was able to get the bitchy virgin under his thumb.

Shiori acting as if no one else was around, she helps Yoshihiro further train the cheeky bitch, Miki.

While getting fucked, Miki swears that she won’t break and keeps resisting. But, she is forced to give customer service to her boyfriend while the scum manager fucks her under the register. She tries to knee him, but he just keeps pounding her pussy, and say that he’ll sue her for causing injury to his body…

Left with no choice, she convinces herself that he is doing it because she is so cute that he can’t help but be infatuated with her…


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