Ima Kara Atashi… cover

Animated original douujinshi written by Hasei!
The overgrown body of my brother’s favorite twin tail sister can be tossed by a fat teacher!

School lunch break. There is a place where Ryosuke and Yayoi’s brothers and sisters can be alone in front of the off-limits tag.
The reason for meeting away from the public eye … because the two are more than brothers and sisters.
I started H for lunch today as well.

The reason was Yayoi, but Ryosuke was absorbed in Yayoi’s body, which had grown up for his age.
However, since he is a brother and sister, it is H only in the hole in the butt.
Yayoi may be frustrated by his brother who refuses to cross the last line,
I was happy and satisfied to feel that she was loved enough by her brother.
The time that my brother loved me forever … that was Yayoi’s dream …